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Hernia International  organises 15-20 Hernia missions annually. The countries we have worked in include: Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Benin, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Cambodia, Thailand, Moldova, & Ukraine. New sites may be added each year. Missions are usually organised about 9-12 months before departure, so please plan early and contact Professor Andrew Kingsnorth FRCS, (click here to send me an e-mail) for further details. Below are the Hernia missions provisionally planned for 2018:  Vacancies are shown with an asterisk*                           

Upcoming Missions 2019


1.      25Jan-2Feb Spanish Team to Ganta City, Liberia. Leader – Ramirez

2.      23Feb-3Mar Spanish Team to Korogwe, Tanzania. Leader – Bustos

3.      16-23 March Spanish Team to Kamutur, Uganda. Leader – Navarrete

4.      24-31 March UK Team to Bewal, Pakistan. Leader – Rehman*

5.      17-24 May UK Team to Gatundu, Kenya

6.      23Jun-7Jul US/UK Team to Mongolia. Leader - Reed                                          

7.      8-22 June UK-Spanish Team to Ventanilla, Peru. Leader – Chavez

8.      15-23 June Spanish Team to Bombali, Sierra Leone. Leader - Ramirez

9.      4-11 August UK-Aus Team to Brazil Leader – Robert

10.    6-13 Sept N.Irish Team to Gatundu, Kenya. Leader – Stanek                              

11.    20-30 Sept Spanish Team to Kamuturu, Uganda. Leader – Fernandez

12.    1-10 Nov Spanish Team to Gatundu, Kenya. Leader – Cires

13.    Nov tba Australian Team to Makunda, India. Leader – Gribble

14.    4-10 Nov Austrian-Swiss-Slovenian Team to Momella, Tanzania. Leader – Gorjanc

15.    11-17 Nov Austrian Team to Korogwe, Tanzania. Leader – Gorjanc

16.    1-6 Dec UK Team to Ganta City, Liberia. Leader - Sidebotham                    

17.    Dec tba Spanish Team to Kamutur, Uganda. Leader - Ramírez