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Hernia International is the UK's premier Hernia charity.

Our Director is Professor Andrew Kingsnorth FRCS (click here to send me an e-mail). We address the global healthcare problem of hernia by delivering modern techniques of hernia surgery in low-income countries. (click here: 23 countries Where we Work)


Moses Aisia, Chief Executive Officer, Holy Innocent Health Centre (HIHC)

HIHC was founded in 2014 and is based in the rural village of Kamutur, Bukedea Region in Uganda.

I was born in Bukedea and raised by my widow mother, after the death of my father in 1986. All I saw in life was misery. I trained as a primary school teacher and later became a Social Worker, during my training I majored in rural Development and Gender.

Having attained a successful career, I was looking to a happy married life with the anticipation of three children. Indeed, we got three children: Walter Ediot, now 12 years old, but the second and third each lived only for 2 hours and died in the Hospital in 2012 and 2014 respectively.


The death of my daughter and son, left me less of life and little meaning for everything.  Thoughts however came to me: there could me more people like me out there who no-one knows about and yet they are living. Such thoughts inspired the birth of "Holy Innocents Health Center". The location is very rural and progress is measured inch-by-inch, day-by-day.  Indeed HIHC has become a place to provide hope and life in this rural place of Kamutur area.

It is our goal to graduate from being a Health Centre to become a Rural-Based Hospital with fully-adequate facilities to provide quality health-care in the resource-constrained environment of Bukedea. We started by supporting the mothers and children who come to seek our care, by checked their health daily.  We serve in the very poorest of communities, where it is our role to start to give them hope by administering a social and preventive healthcare programmme.

 The volunteers from Hernia International and Surgeons in Action  who have come to HIHC (in December 2017, and April and September 2018) have given this community hope. Many adults and children have been provided with surgical operations that otherwise would have been unaffordable for them. Their operations were for free. As the community becomes more healthy, we are sure that they will become more productive and thus enterprising, changing the outlook of the whole community they live in.

 My job is tough "I have to find the resources to keep HIHC going ahead. I need likeminded people to work with and thus I act as the true engine of the hospital" Working with Hernia International and Surgeons in Action our goal is to deliver Health To All as a basic human right.

Moses Aisia

Chief Executive Officer

Holy Innocents Health Center, Level IV

Hernia International is a 100% volunteer organisation.Andrew Kingsnorth  brings experience of over 17 years humanitarian work in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, South America, SE Asia and India, including the establishment 10 years ago of Operation Hernia.