Promoting men's health. Providing affordable access to effective hernia surgery. Humanitarian missions.  

Hernia International is the UK's premier Hernia charity.

Our Director is Professor Andrew Kingsnorth FRCS (click here to send me an e-mail). We address the global healthcare problem of hernia by delivering humanitarian hernia surgery. (see Breaking News) During a lifetime 1-in-4 men suffer a groin hernia.  Due to lack of healthcare in low- and middle-income countries, hernias do not get treated . In subSaharan Africa alone there are an estimated 6.3 million untreated inguinal hernias. Our teams provide surgery and anaesthesia, capacity building and training. Hernia International serves countries in the following locations: Ghana (at Carpenter), Nigeria (Eruwa, Okpoga), Cote d'Ivoire (Abidjan), The Gambia (Farafenni), Ethiopia (Sodo), Uganda (Luwero) Tanzania (Korogwe), Kenya (Gatundu), Liberia (Monrovia), Benin (Dangbo), Mongolia (Ulaan Baatar and beyond), Ecuador (Esmeraldes), Peru (Lima, Chachapoyes, Ventanilla, Tacna), Brazil (Maranhao, Amazonas), India (Shehada, Dondaicha, Orissa), Cambodia (Phnom Phen), Pakistan (Bewal) and Bangladesh (Chittagong).



Under the supervision of Dr Avelina Temba and Dr Rashid Said

Before Hernia International missions started at Korogwe in October 2013, abdominal hernias were the second among the top ten diseases in the surgical department. About 60% of surgical emergencies were obstructed hernias and 10% of deaths were caused by strangulated hernias. Due to inferior technique (hernia meshes used for 20 years in modern healthcare systems are unaffordable in low-income countries), 40% of operated hernia patients were developing recurrent hernias (failed operations).

Since Hernia International missions started 4 years ago, the number of obstructed and strangulated hernias have been gradually decreasing, until now during 2017 there has been no patients with obstructed hernias, <1% recurrent hernias and no death due to obstructed hernia.

Since October 2013 Hernia International teams have visited our hospital, trained us in modern hernia surgery and introduced affordable mosquito net mesh for the repair. A total of 556 hernia patients have been operated.

Korogwe Hospital offers grateful thanks to Hernia International for their initiatives and efforts in supporting this service and providing mesh, medical supplies and equipment to fulfill the missions.

Thank you and we welcome the next team in Korogwe hospital.


Hernia International is a 100% volunteer organisation. Andrew Kingsnorth  brings experience of over 17 years humanitarian work in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa, South America, SE Asia and India, including the establishment 10 years ago of Operation Hernia.